NivOmatic for fixed installation (x2)


NivOmatic regulator for fixed installation : the device comes with two mounting supports for installation in a skimmer,  and a stainless steel adjustable bracket for other types of installation ( filter block , wood or steel pools , …). Supplied with 2m connecting pipe , a threaded outlet 3/4 female ( and a quick coupling male thread if needed). ADVICE : If you want to use your NivOmatic only sporadically and placed on the curbstones of your pool, prefer the version ” removable Installation”, it will prevent the waste of stainless steel parts.




This NivOmatic includes a number of accessories for a removable or fixed installation, with a French / English notice. It can be placed in a skimmer with overflow for maximum security. It can also be installed under the walkway of an automatic cover or in a filtering block, using the adjustable supports which can be cut or modified. It can adapt to all pools, including above ground pools or overflowing pools, fountains, jacuzzis, ornamental ponds. If you want to use your NivOmatic only sporadically, placed on the edge, you can also use this version. For technical questions, contact us. High reliability, accessibility will make NivOmatic a sustainable equipment for your pool. Used by many professionals (physiotherapy, hotels), It can even be installed to replace an out-of-order traditional water leveller !

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 6 cm


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