NivOmatic® automatically fills your pool to the desired level.

On the pool edge, or as a permanent fitting,



regulateur de niveau NivOmatic

Removable installation :
 very simple, connected to the hosepipe ! Installed in two minutes, NivOmatic will simplify the maintenance of the pool and prevent wasting water.

regulateur de niveau NivOmatic

Permanent installation :
 in any kind of swimming pool. Three different supports, maintenance is simplified compared to standard levellers : the warranty of a long-life equipment.

The NivOmatic water leveller :

  • compensates for the waste of water in your pool
    • protects your equipments (pump, automatic covers…)
    • prevents accidental overfilling
  • can be installed at any time : 
    • existing pools
    • new constructions
    • renovation
  • can be adapted to any pool / pond :
    • traditional constructions, polyester, wooden pools
    • composite structures, metal
    • above or below ground pools
    • available for fountains, ponds, troughs, any tanks, …

With an experience of ten years, more than two thousand sales in more than ten countries, NivOmatic is well known for its reliability. This water leveller is installed in many hotel pools, physiotherapy or collective pools. Daily use by professionals for their maintenance contracts.

It will save you time and money.

– tested tap for 200.000 cycles – from 0,5 to 8 bars – supports 316L stainless steel – rapid connection  – english/french notice – unique OFF function, allowing for leak surveillance in the pools – reinforced NivOmatic pipe, anti-UV protection – option : 12m feeding pipe – 3 adjustable metal  supports – spare parts if needed – 2 years warranty –